Authorities at a prison in Colon, Panama were left baffled by the inmates’ attempt at sneaking in drugs. The innovative use of a cat as a drug mule has been one of the latest innovations in sneaking in contraband. The feline felon was captured and now faces adoption.

On Friday, April 16 the prison authorities of Nueva Esperanza Prison in the north of Panama City, found the suspicious white fluffy cat. The feline raised concerns after it was spotted with a white cloth package wrapped around its body. Catching the cat, the authorities relieved it of its package.

Andres Gutierrez, head of the Panama Penitentiary System, told the France 24 what they found inside the package. They found separated bundles of white powder, ‘vegetative material’ and leaves. The contents are believed to be marijuana, cocaine and crack.

The authorities shared that the inmates use food to lure animals. By frequently offering the animals food they train them to return to the inmate. Their accomplices outside the prison strap drugs onto the animals. The animals then return to the inmates bringing them the contrabands.

An investigation into the incident has been initiated. It is unclear if the authorities have found the inmates responsible for the incident. While the inmates may have their sentences extended for their illegal activities, the drug mule faces a brighter future.

The police handed the cat over to the animal rescue organization Adopt for Love and Animal Defenders Foundation. The organization will be putting the former felon cat up for adoption, saving him from a life of crime.

The use of animals as drug mules is not a new concept. The Daily Mail in 2015 reported how a pigeon with a bag of drugs was caught by the prison authorities in Costa Rica. Officers of the prison in San Rafael de Alajuela reportedly found a suspicious package strapped onto the bird. The black bag attached to the bird’s chest contained 0.5 ounces of cocaine as well as 0.5 ounces of cannabis.

The prison authorities confirmed that the pigeon was not the first attempt at animal drug drops. They said that they had on previous occasions intercepted cats and iguanas as well.

Drug-cat Panama Prison Guards Caught Drug Mule Cat Sneaking Crack, Cocaine and Cannabis Into Prison Policía Nacional/official twitter