A bodybuilder from Kazakhstan who divorced his sex doll to start a new relationship with a toy chicken has spoken out about the hostility he has faced as a result of his sexuality from fellow sportsmen. If that's too much bizarre information to process, here's a breakdown of what's happened in the athlete's life.

He wed a sex doll, divorced her, cheated on a plastic partner while she was being repaired, and now he's in a throuple with two new dolls who have fallen in love. See his pictures on his Instagram.

In November 2020, Kazakhstani Yuri Tolochko married his previous wife Margo in a lavish ceremony with a huge audience, Daily Star reported.

The very accomplished bodybuilder previously acknowledged that he had lately suffered prejudice that created discomfort, but this is the first time he has detailed the horrible details of the discrimination.

Following his participation in power sports competitions, where he was named a double champion, set records, and fulfilled two standards of the Master of Sports of the international class, Tolochko said that the athletes began to press the federation to exclude him from the federation and restrict LGBT supporters into the competitions.

"This call for discrimination concerns all LGBT people in general and specifically me. He didn't mention my name but he described my activities very accurately and everyone understood who he was talking about,” Tolochko said about another bodybuilder who had ridiculed LGBT people and had declared them as immoral.

Many other athletes supported the call for a ban on LGBT athletes from the federation. "Sportsmen also condemn me for appearing in public in a female image and consider it unacceptable. Let me remind you that I held actions in the female image in order to draw attention to human rights. So I made a campaign in support of women in Kazakhstan, in support of transgender people and other actions," the bodybuilder said in his defense.

A fellow athlete said that he doesn’t want any sexual minorities to be associated with the federation as it hurts religious sentiments and tarnishes the image of several other “worthy athletes”. "I cannot close my eyes to the fact that along with the famous and legendary athletes of Kazakhstan, on the same platform there are people who lead an immoral lifestyle, who adhere to a non-traditional sexual orientation and wear women's underwear, spreading it all on the social network,” the Instagram post read.

The Kazakhstani bodybuilder disclosed that his dolls, Luna and Lola, were getting along with each other and that he spends time with them both together and individually, Ladbible reported.

Representational image Photo by Capri23auto /Pixabay