Pansexual bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko, who married his sex dolls, hasn't ruled out dating a human again.

The fitness enthusiast from Kazakhstan married his first sex doll Margo in November 2020. He has since parted ways with Margo and started a fresh relationship with his new dolls Luna and Lola.

Tolochko, who thinks he can fall in love with "a character, an image, a soul, just a person," spoke about his relationships on The Dating Show on FUBAR Radio.

During the show, he revealed that he had been in a long-term relationship with another human before, reported Daily Star.

Asked whether he could imagine being in a real relationship ever again, Tolochko replied, “I was in a real relationship in the past, about seven years. It’s interesting and important for me, and in the future maybe I will have a real person, but it’s important that she or he likes my dolls too."

Tolochko also introduced listeners to his wives and said that he was planning another wedding. He said, "I want to have a male doll in the future and I want to do a wedding of a male doll and Luna and at the same time I want to do the ceremony of life and freedom with me. It's similar to wedding, but not wedding."

He had to send Margo away for repair after she "broke" before Christmas. This left him spending the festive time all by himself. Tolochko then confessed to "cheating" on Margo with a strange object and got sexual stimulation with a chicken. This led to their divorce.

In March, he took to Instagram to introduce Margo's replacement Lola. "Let me introduce to you my new wife. This is Lola. Lola queer, she has not yet decided on her sexual and gender identity (she is in search). Lola has a woman's head, a chicken's body, the navel has depth and can be used as a vagina and a penis inserted into it. I'll show you this one day. I identify her as a massive chicken," he wrote in the caption.

"Remember my chicken experiment? So then I really liked it. And I wanted such a sex toy. I also decided that I would have a harem (I also talked about this before). There may be many of us in our family. And it's a thrill," he added.

He concluded the post by saying, "We broke up with Margo. I'm not ready to talk about the reasons for the divorce yet."

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