Univision is set to premiere it's newest primetime telenovela comedy called "Papá A Toda Madre" starring Maite Perroni and Sebastián Rulli. The telenovela centers on a group of father's and their role in society. Rulli plays a womanizer that has his life turned upside down and a little girl walks into his life claiming she's his daughter. His character will have to grow up really fast as he never expected to be a father. "Papá A Toda Madre" starts on the Spanish-language network on Monday, January 15 at 9pm ET/PT. You can live stream the telenovela on the UnivisionNOW app if you are subscribed to the service. Find out more about the cast and characters below and tell us what you think!

Sebastián Rulli is Mauricio: Logatoys’ heir. He is a chronic playboy, anti-patriotic and a party animal. Fabián, his right arm and long-time friend, makes him aware that the company is bankrupt. Mauricio approaches Miranda in order to seduce her and marry her so that his future father in-law rescues his company. But on the wedding’s day, Anifer, a lovely 7 year old girl, shows up at the ceremony to stop the wedding arguing the groom is her dad! Mauricio’s plans fall apart and, on top of that, he needs to accept responsibility for the girl. At first, he sees her as a hindrance, but gently she starts winning his heart. Mauricio always thought he would remain free of commitments for all his life, but now he is confronted to the hardest test of all: being a parent.

Maite Perroni is Renée: She works at the Logatoys’ factory assisting the production line’s maintenance. A beautiful, strong, and brave woman, she is about to graduate in Marketing. She is eager to get a robotics MD in the USA. She is Nerón’s goddaughter. She lives with her mother, Cata, who is very ill so Renée must sacrifice her dreams of studying a masters in order to pay for her mother’s health expenses. Love is not in her plans; achieving her professional goals is her top priority until she meets Mauricio and Anifer, who make her see the other side of life.

Regina Soto is Anifer: She is a clever, generous, brave, pretty girl. She speaks really fluent and properly for her age. She grew up in the jungle of Chiapas as María’s daughter, a single mother. All she knows about her father is that his name is Mauricio López-Garza, but she has never met him or seen a picture of him. Having been raised in direct contact with nature has made her a straightforward girl, which gets her in trouble as she always speaks up. She turns jealous when she becomes attached to her father and she wants to “keep” him for her mom.

Mark Tacher is Fabián: He is Mauricio’s best friend. A good-looking man, he is thorough and disciplined. Envy is his engine. He is a big phony who always conceals his true colors. Precisely this “quality” helps him hide his betrayals and cheap shots against Mauricio. Deep down, he feels and empty space he can’t fill at all. He has always felt diminished in front of Mauricio, although he has been careful to avoid showing it. His main objective is to destroy Mauricio by taking everything he loves away from him, and that includes his daughter and Renée.

Sergio Mur is Jorge: Abogado de Logatoys. Cuando era niño, sus papás lo traían de una casa a otra, y tuvo que ayudar con la crianza de todos los chiquillos que iban llegando a las vidas de sus padres. Como una forma de sobrevivir a esta vida caótica, se convirtió en cuadrado, estricto y en cierto modo controlador, ya que se niega a cambios abruptos que puedan alterar su vida o la de sus seres queridos. Su familia parece ser perfecta, pero es sólo apariencia. Su esposa lo deja por otro hombre y aunque en un principio él no quiere divorciarse, se da cuenta que la separación es inminente. Jorge decide quedarse con sus hijos fingiendo y ocultándole a todos los motivos de la separación.

Raúl Araiza is Toño: A Logatoys’ employee. He is an optimist, disorganized, chauvinistic, lovely man. He is married to Vero with whom he has three mischievous children: Tania, Neto, and Fidel. He will face the worst days of his life when he sees himself not finding a job while his wife does, so he is compelled to be in charge of the housework and his children’s care, naïvely thinking it would be a “piece of cake” and without having a clue of what is ahead of him.

Juan Carlos Barreto is Nerón: Recently retired, he is Logatoys’ former quality control manager. He is generous, chauvinistic, and hardworking. He became a widower over a year ago, but he is having a “second wind” with Flor Ivonne, a woman 30 years younger. This circumstance leads him to become a parent again and confront himself with his own prejudices and complexes about the way other people see him, being mistaken for Flor’s grandfather instead of her father.

Verónica Jaspeado is Verónica: She is a woman that will achieve success professionally, but will suffer for staying away from home and her children’s affection. She will face her husband’s prejudices, a man who is used to being the provider and keeping his wife at home looking after him.

Ana La Salvia is Dulce: An ambitious woman who failed choosing Jorge as the man to provide her a comfort and secure life; therefore, she decides to try her luck again with a new love.

Michelle González is Flor Ivonne: She is an independent woman who strongly believes in family. She considers Nerón is her ideal partner, but she must struggle against his chauvinism to achieve her dreams this way.