Parents and teachers are concerned about Phantom Lake Elementary school's principal, Marcus Johnson's graphic posts on his social media accounts.

Warning: Graphic content

Johnson, 24, a Seattle-area school principal, frequently posts on his Instagram account. Until Sept. 24, his profile could be viewed by the public. However, after radio host Jason Rantz questioned him about its content, the account was made private.

Though he would not confirm it, the social media account appears to belong to Johnson. It was listed under MDewayne Johnson and the bio said he is an elementary principal. The bio alos states he’s a “lover of smut” and also mentioned he “smokes weed" and links to what he calls “erotic fiction.”

In one publicly posted graphic story on SoundCloud, before Johnson disabled it, he describes a sexual experience in graphic detail.

“He bent over the sink to wash his face, and I slowly crept up behind him. Taking one arm and placing it over his left shoulder and one around his waist, I gripped him tightly. I buried my head in his neck, kissing him slightly as he watched me from the mirror. My skin felt so good against his like we melted into each other. He leaned back and kissed my cheek while I hugged him closer. ‘Are you gonna let me get dressed?’ Playfully I shook my head no and buried my face into his shoulder,” Johnson said in the Instagram story “Dream,” as reported by MyNorthwest.

Moreover, according to Johnson's LinkedIn page, he was hired at the school for about three months. Being a disrupter and change agent to provide access for marginalized students across the nation is one of his philosophies of education. Johnson allegedly posted on Sept.23, a video smoking what seemed to be marijuana as he listened to “My Place.” “I swear I’m spinnin’, I’m on a mary-go-round, and I picked up a joint to my face. My heart beats faster than the regular pace,” the musician performs as Johnson takes several puffs.

The video ended with the on-screen text, “I got a pretty mouf…” then followed by a smiling emoji with hearts. Similarly, Johnson's original Instagram bio stated he is a “Pudgy intellectual who smokes weed.” According to Fox News, the Seattle school district said, "We do not comment on personnel matters."

This case highlights the tricky and occasionally grey area of weighing free speech rights versus decency and judgment, while, there have been no indications that Johnson isn’t a determined and effective educator. Though it’s reasonable for the parents, staff, and students to be concerned over an elementary principal who claims to love smut.

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