A seven-year-old pug who died from an apparent illness got an extravagant funeral with an open casket, an embroidered blanket, and a heartbreaking video.

Tim Beville Jr., the pastor who owned Dexter Beville, a seven-year-old pug from Allentown, described him in his obituary as "faithful, obedient, caring, and kind,” New York Post reported.

According to a Facebook post from his owner that’s gone viral with 40,000 likes and 71,000 shares, Dexter died on April 27. He is probably in a big doghouse in the sky, looking at all the love he’s receiving.

"We are heartbroken that he is gone but so very thankful for the 7 years of laughter and joy that he brought to our lives. Run Free Dexter!!!” the pastor’s post read.

A big embroidered blanket hung from the ceiling with Dexter’s little pug mug as the centerpiece. In an open casket behind it, Dexter laid wrapped in a blue blanket and his head resting on a blue chew toy, with a bow tie on his collar.

In an obituary published for the pup who was the pastor’s pet since the pup was nine, he wrote a heartbreaking list of memories. He was fondly called Bruiser and was a cheese lover. This pup wasn’t just a loving part of the family but was also a singalong companion, an enthusiastic lover of blue toys, and a hater of the rain.

“He knew when I was sad... and he would just lay his head on my lap and if only for a moment make it all go away. If I left the room for only a minute when I returned he was always there to meet me (like I had been gone forever)."

Tim shared a sneak peek of the tiny funeral programs earlier this week, which included a shot of Dexter on the front and inside covers. "It's been 7 days since you left us," Tim captioned the video, "and tonight we'll get to say our final see you later."

Photos and videos from the funeral have been shared and social media users have commented extensively on it.

One user wrote: “I don’t know you or your baby but I saw this on Facebook and was in awe.“I’ve never seen a pet funeral. It’s priceless and I hope you know a lot of folks have seen your [baby’s] pictures and love you both!!!! Many hugs and prayers for comfort at this time . . . xoxo.”

“From the moment he came home, he slept every night next to me until he got sick in February and for the first time in his life, he spent 4 days in the hospital. When he came from after that he NEVER left my side again,” the obituary read.

He leaves behind a Facebook community of 800 members who were a part of his fan club. Dexter was preceded in death by his mother and his four babies Lilly, Layla, Silas, and Harvey Beville.

An English pug dog waits for her owner Nancy Wong/ wikimedia commons/creative commons

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