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MIAMI - In a deeply tragic turn of events, the family of late actress Mariana Levy and Talina Fernández is mourning once again. Just a year after the death of the renowned journalist, her son Patricio "Pato" Levy was found dead in Mexico, adding another sorrowful chapter to the family's history. He was 53 years old.

Pato Levy had been struggling with severe health issues for months before his death. Following the death of his mother, Talina Fernández, Pato's health deteriorated significantly, leading to multiple hospital visits and urgent pleas for medical assistance. He suffered from heart complications and was in dire need of surgery to treat his condition, which included severe heart failure and arrhythmia. On January, he posted a message on his social media saying, "My heart is not doing so well, I need help."

What happened to Pato Levy?

The family's financial difficulties further complicated Pato Levy's situation. He openly discussed the lack of resources to fund his medical treatments, even resorting to selling personal belongings and considering crowdfunding efforts to cover his medical expenses​.

According to Coco Levy, his eldest brother, Patricio died at home in his sleep and was found by his girlfriend Axel: "She came to knock in the room and told me, 'run, Pato is cold'.... It must have been around 3 a.m." Pato Levy leaves two sons, Juan and Pedro.

Pato Levy's health problems

"Pato had a cardiac deficiency, an arrhythmia, a half punctured lung and diabetes. He had been sick for a long time with many little things, all of them together, he was trying to get better, he had improved a little, but we didn't make it," said his brother.

Coco' added that Pato had had a gastric bypass 10 years ago and when he was a child he had a murmur for which he underwent open heart surgery at the age of 12, but it had not brought complications until a few years ago, when he started with the arrhythmia.

The Levy family tragedy

The Levy family's grief has been compounded by a series of tragic events over the years. Eldest sister Mariana Levy, a beloved telenovela star, passed away in 2005 from a heart attack triggered by an attempted robbery. Her mother, Talina Fernández, a cherished figure in Mexican television, passed away in June 2023.

Fernando Carrillo, Fernández's stepson and a close family member, also recently passed away after suffering a heart attack in front of Coco and Pato Levy.

Pato's death is especially poignant given his close relationship with his family and his struggles with health and financial issues. He had been a pillar of support for his brother and was known for his determination to overcome his challenges, which makes his untimely death even more heartbreaking for those who knew and loved him.

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