A 22-year-old man from Liverpool, United Kingdom used a slew of online identities to lure victims into his fiendish trap. The defendant was arrested following a six-year reign of online terror during which he used the internet to get in touch with and coerce his victims.

The Liverpool police believe that the man, Elliot Nicklin, has abused over 70 teenage girls globally. The police have been able to trace close to two dozen of the victims. Most of these girls are psychologically scarred and in certain cases, suicidal after Nicklin abused them using the internet.

Nicklin was produced in front of the Crown Court in Liverpool, on Nov. 12, Friday. After his arrival at the court, he complained about chest pains and a supposed panic attack. The hearing was delayed due to the defendant feeling unwell. The trial began shortly after he was checked and cleared medically.

Prosecuting, Nicola Daley told the court that the two referrals from the United States led to the arrest of the man on May 21, 2020. After his arrest, his devices including multiple cell phones, a tablet and a laptop were seized by the Liverpool police. Over 1,500 indecent images of minors were found on the devices.

Liverpool Crown Court heard the various methods of coercion Nicklin used. He developed relationships with multiple minors and then threatened to commit self-harm. He also used previously sent images and videos to blackmail some of the girls. The victims were forced to perform several humiliating acts. The offenses took place between 2014 and 2020.

Nicklin admitted to committing 27 offenses which include possession of hundreds of indecent pictures of minors. Shockingly, 85 images from the bunch recovered from him, were classified as Category A. Category A is termed as a gravely serious category that includes rape images of children, as reported by the Liverpool Echo. The defendant pleaded guilty to many more offenses which include blackmail, inciting child pornography, sexual interaction with a child, and engaging a child in sexual activity.

The court was also informed that the pedophile had shared around eight pictures and videos with his contacts, Daily Star reported.

He was charged with jail time for 10 years with regards to possession of indecent pictures and consecutive jail time of 9 years for his other crimes. His parole application will be granted only after serving two-thirds of the sentences he was slapped with. Nicklin will also serve a sexual harm prevention order and sign the sex offender’s register.

Pedophile Allegedly Blackmailed Teenage Girl To Carve Name On Skin, Humiliated Girls Globally Merseyside Police

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