A woman sex offender, who was jailed for giving two underage girls love bites, returned to court for creating a TikTok account without informing the police.

This is the fourth time the 26-year-old pedophile, Serena Ransom, broke the terms of her sex offenders' register requirements. She has been given last chance by a judge, reported Daily Mail.

In 2015, Ransom was convicted for making sexual advances towards two underage girls. The first victim was described by a judge as being “particularly vulnerable” when Ransom gave her love bites, reported Gazette Live.

Ransom's first two breaches involved creating an unregistered Facebook account and "ruffling" a boy's hair in a shopping center despite being barred from approaching children without consent of their parents.

Prosecutor Ian Mullarkey said that on Oct. 14 last year Ransom set up a TikTok account but didn't inform the police about it. A month before that, she had stayed overnight in a house where children also stayed on a regular basis. She again didn't notify the police regarding the stay.

Even though she didn't want her account to be "discovered by the police," a man, who was aware of her past, came across her TikTok profile and sent a screenshot to police. Ransom changed her profile name and turned her account private after her partner's former husband raised concerns over one of his children trying to befriend the sex offender.

The prosecutor said, "She said she had the account for about four weeks before it was discovered and accepted she changed the account's name because she didn't want it to be discovered by the police."

On Monday, Ransom, of Brompton Street, Middlesbrough, pleaded guilty at Teesside Crown court. Nigel Soppitt, defending, said that the breaches were "reckless rather than malicious" and that Ransom has "no sexual interest in children."

He also said that she was a qualified bricklayer but due to her notification requirements, she was unable to work on a regular basis. Soppitt said that she was "showing signs of improvement."

Ransom has been suspended for 18 months, given a 12-month jail sentence and is subject to curfew for six months. She also needs to take up 120 hours unpaid work and carry out 30 rehabilitation days.

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