Frame of Penelope Cruz in Residente's New Video
Frame of Penelope Cruz in Residente's New Video Frame of Penelope Cruz in Residente's New Video

Oscar-winner Penelope Cruz stars in the music video for Residente's newest song "313". The mesmerizing video finds Cruz in a beautiful blue gown performing along the gardens of the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso in Spain while sharing screen with Residente himself, singer Silvia Pérez Cruz and the dancing crew from Danza 180. Cruz also recites a poem during the opening sequences of the 6 minute video.

Residente, who also directed the music video, announced the premiere on his Instagram account, along with a heartfelt caption thanking all those involved, including a very special shoutout to Valentina, a dear friend who passed away and inspired the song: "I directed this video with my soul while being guided by Valentina and was lucky to work with a team that put their whole spirit into it."

He went on to thank singer Pérez Cruz for her "voice full of light that embraces our spirits" before extending a special acknowledgement to Cruz, the actress: "Penelope for her talent, her time and because ever since Jamón Jamón, Belle Epoque and Abre los Ojos, everybody in the planet is in love with you." Cruz also shared a clip from the video on her Instagram with a caption that reads: "friend, what an honor to be a part of this masterpiece."

Fans of Calle 13 will be quick to recognize a special reference to the old days thanks to Danza 180, who's choreography is one of the main driving forces of the "313" video. As it turns out, Danza 180 was also the dance crew behind 2005's "Atrevete te te" video which launched Calle 13 to global stardom and cemented their place in Latino pop culture.

"313" is the first single for Residente's first album in 6 years titled "Las letras ya no importan" (Lyrics don't matter anymore) which will be coming out on February 22 on all music platforms. Residente had teased the album through a short three-minute video a couple of weeks ago starring another Spanish actress, Najwa Nimri. In the clip, titled "Psicóloga", Nimri plays shrink to the rapper, recapping his last few years before expressing: "you're finally launching an album after six years. What stresses you the most, lyrics, matter. Everybody cares about lyrics."

The clip was accompanied with a caption on Residente's Instagram account that reads: "
"I want to make movies, write a book; I want not to have to go on tour, I want to be with my son much more; I don't want to do interviews, I want to start drawing again, I want to make music for pleasure, not out of necessity, and I want to say goodbye, but I don't want to."

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