Pepe Aguilar and Peso Pluma.
Pepe Aguilar and Peso Pluma. Creative Commons

Through the Tik Tok account of Angela Aguilar, the daughter of the famous American singer Pepe Aguilar, she made a post where we can appreciate her father interpreting the song Ella Baila Sola, which until now is the song with the most reproductions of the Mexican singer Hassan Emilio, Better Known as a Peso Pluma.


No sé que está pasando, felicidades a todas las mamas! Nosotros con karaoke desde temprano @pepeaguilar_oficial 🤯🩷

♬ sonido original - Angela Aguilar :)

The video now stands at 211.2k views!

The interesting thing about this post is that Pepe Aguilar always criticized Corridos Tumbados, a musical genre in which Peso Pluma specializes.

The comment section of the viral video is full of diverse opinions; since some people comment about how Pepe Aguilar criticized Peso Pluma's music in the past and others hail the voice of American singer performing the song.

Who is Peso Pluma?

The 23 years old Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija was born in Zapopan in the state of Jalisco. He climbed fame rapidly due to the styles of music he makes, the artists he collaborated with and the people who contacted him to write songs about their lives, typically Narcos.

During the week of April 15, Peso Pluma positioned five songs on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, achieving the highest position for a song of the regional Mexican genre in the United States, and the highest position by any Mexican artist.

He exceeded 30 million monthly listeners on Spotify, the same year he announced the opening of his own record label Doble P Records. The label's first release was Peso Pluma's song "Rosa Pastel" in collaboration with Núñez, which was released on April 20.

On April 28, he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon reaching a much higher popularity among the American community.

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