Giant Boulder Crushes Cars With Child Inside In Dramatic Video pen_ash/ Pixabay

A man narrowly escaped death after a giant boulder tumbled down a hillside and crushed his car in Malibu on Tuesday, Jan. 10.

Mauricio Henao parked his Toyota Prius across from his house located in the 20000 block of Pacific Coast Highway on Tuesday, Jan. 10, and stepped out of the vehicle to take a phone call. Just when he went to answer the call, he heard a loud noise. When he turned around to see what the noise was, he saw a 4-foot boulder smashing through the hatchback’s roof and coming to rest in the driver’s seat, New York Post reported.

“The rock is the size of the whole hood,” Henao said. “The windshields are all broken and the frame of the car is just all twisted.”

Henao believes that the phone call that prompted him to get out of the car in the nick of time ultimately saved his life.

“My girlfriend called me and said, ‘Hey, can you get my bag that I left there’ so I went back inside and I heard rumbling outside,” Henao said.

After the incident, Henao took a grinning selfie with his mangled car in the background. However, he admitted that the incident was no laughing matter, Yahoo News reported.

“I’m pretty shook up,” said Henao. “Honestly, I don’t think I’ll park here again after this. I’m a little traumatized by this whole ordeal.”

Henao likened his brush with death to a plotline from the “Final Destination” horror movie franchise. However, on a lighter note, he suggested that his lucky escape could be a good omen.

“I feel like I should play the Lotto,” he said.

No injuries were reported as a result of the incident. However, another parked car nearby sustained damage from falling debris.

According to area resident Nick Kennedy, the tumbling rocks "came across the street," damaging his SUV that was parked in his driveway.

"I'm kind of glad my car was there," Kennedy said. "I don't know if [the rocks] would have gone through the wall of the house and nailed me because my desk is right on the other side of that wall."

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