Audible is set to release an original audiobook by hip-hop artist Pitbull. The upcoming release will coincide with the launch of Audible Latino, a platform for Hispanic listeners to access customized programming.

Titled “From Negative To Positive,” Pitbull’s biographical audiobook comes with a collection of the artist’s personal memories and life lessons, demonstrating the rise of his music career.

“It’s an inspiration guide to action-based lessons from Armando’s hardscrabble life. Pitbull uses the events of his life to distill bits of wisdom and convey how his choices made him the person he is today,” the statement read.

The audiobook will also include Pitbull’s story as a son of Cuban immigrants and will show the other side of the artist. “Pitbull’s personal story provides an opportunity to show yet another side of ‘Mr. Worldwide,’ that of the entrepreneur that exudes hard-won wisdom, personifies hustle and can’t help but impart guiding insights into empowering oneself,” the statement added.

Audible Latino will be out in fall of 2019. Until then, Audible Original will not yet be available in both English and Spanish.

Meanwhile, Pitbull has been confirmed to join the lineup for the inaugural Twin Cities Summer Jam Festival. The rock-and-country event will happen in July at the Canterbury Park in Shakopee. Also joining the popular party rapper in the lineup are Aerosmith, Rascal Flatts, REO Speedwagon, Hobo Johnson, Chris Hawkey and Tim McGraw.

The announcement came two months later as the organizers of the Twin Cities Summer Jam Festival promised back in August last year that they would announce the performers at the upcoming fest in December 2018.

Organized by Lakes Jam founder Jerry Braam, the upcoming fest will happen on July 18-20 on the infield racetrack of Canterbury Park. The event is expected to draw up to 30,000 fans and will serve as the first major multi-day fest in the area since the River’s Edge Music Fest in 2012.

Tickets for the fest will be available starting March 1, 10 a.m., at