Pitbull Hosts The American Music Awards 2014
Mr. Worldwide hosted the AMAs for a second year in a row and these were his best and worst moments of the night! Reuters

Pitbull returned to the American Music Awards 2014 in Los Angeles. Mr. Worldwide brought his "fireball" of a personality and turned up the heat at the Nokia Theatre for a second year in a row. The "Time Of Our Lives" hitmaker presented in front of acts like J.Lo, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj, Imagine Dragons and many more. These were his best and worst moments from the night: 1. Immigration Reform (BEST): Pitbull made a political statement during his opening bit. The rapper made a joke about Latinos being able to stay in the U.S. with his plan that will allow immigrants to have a chance of going after the American dream.

2. Shoutout To Latinos (BEST): Another funny moment was when he said that ABC asked him back again because when he spoke Spanish the ratings shot through the roof. So he said words in Spanish here and there to increase the numbers of the award show. He also made it clear that not all Latinos are Mexicans, which the crowd seemed to not know where to laugh or take him seriously. 3. Opening Bit Was A Bore (WORST): Although he had some good moments, his opening bit was really not funny. Pitbull tried to made the crowd laugh, but his jokes fell flat and were not appreciated at all. Mr. 305 is not a comedian and he should stick to singing.

4. Pitbull With Filter (BEST): However, not all of his jokes were lame. During one of his small bits he mentioned how people use filters when they share photos in social medial. He showed a comparison between what he looks like with no filter and with a filter on. He smiled as himself saying that, that was him with no filter. Pitbull then shared a photo on the screen that had him with a million filters, apparently, because he transformed into Enrique Iglesias. 5. Reheasals Needed (WORST): Overall this show doesn't need a host, but for whatever reason they do have one. Nonetheless they have one, but it seemed that Pitbull just called it in. He seemed unrehearsed and just out of it. Maybe he was too busy collaborating with all the artists of the world that he didn't have time to rehearse?

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