“Need for Speed: Payback” and “Vampyr” are coming to PlayStation Plus this October. Both games will go live on Oct. 6, which means PS Plus members have until then to pick up “Street Fighter V” and “PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.”

Spooky game “Vampyr” will arrive just in time for the upcoming Halloween, and while “Need for Speed: Payback” may not be as spooky, it is fun enough to set the stage for the season.  

PlayStation described “Need for Speed: Payback” as a “four-wheeled action blockbuster.” It is not exactly a faithful driving simulation game but it makes the grade for some mindless driving action. The game features exhilarating heist missions and will have PS Plus members take part in car fights and perform breathtaking set pieces.

A certified action blockbuster with a current score of 61% on Metacritic, “Need for Speed: Payback” is set in the fictional corrupt gambler’s paradise of Fortune Valley. Players of this game can choose from three different characters with their own unique skills and customize their ideas as they take on a wide range of challenges and seek revenge on those who have wronged them.

Meanwhile, “Vampyr” is a third-person action RPG developed by “Life is Strange” developer Dontnod Entertainment. Set in the year 1918, the game challenges players to embrace the darkness and features profound narrative choices. Here, the player takes on the role of a doctor turned vampire haunting a version of London that is beset by fear and violence.

Set during the time of the Spanish flu, the player can use his supernatural abilities and man-made tools to fight the forces of evil and vampire hunters. The role of the player is to save the people of the city or feed on them to gain strength, but that would be tough as giving in to bloodlust could have grave consequences. “Vampyr” is basically a combination of some third-person fight with supernatural abilities and the splitting dialog that asks the player whether to save mankind or feed upon London’s populace.

The new wave of titles means PS Plus members have only a few days left before current titles “Street Fighter V” and “PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” exit the console on Oct. 5.

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