Pokemon Go
"Pokémon Go" for Android and iOS. Official Pokemon Channel/YouTube/Screenshot

Looks like fans will have to wait to catch them all in the real world. Niantic has revealed that it has canceled its upcoming Game Developer Conference session, which was originally set for March 14.

Niantic CEO John Hanke talked to Game Informer and gave the reasoning for cancelling the session. Hanke said:

"We have decided to forego our GDC talk on Pokemon Go in order to focus on getting the product ready for beta test and launch. As much as we hate to disappoint those in the industry attending GDC, we feel our time and energy right now are best spent on making sure every aspect of the product is where we want it to be."

According to the GDC schedule, Hanke was scheduled to discuss the company's "unique vision for delivering a mobile Pokemon experience that gets would-be trainers into the outdoors."

The mobile game was revealed late last year and not much detail was given about the title. We do know the game features catching pokemon through your mobile device in the real world and fans can expect a huge population of pokemon living near all "Pokemon Go" players.

"Pokemon Go" is expected to launch sometime in 2016.

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