Pokemon Go
Windows Phone users will get the chance to play the ultra-successful "Pokémon Go" using their smartphones. Pokemon Go/Facebook

The Change.org petition for a Windows Phone-compatible "Pokémon Go" has been answered, but there’s a catch — Niantic will not be the one to develop this version of the super-successful augmented reality mobile game.

On Saturday, Phone Arena found out that a third-party developer, who goes by the name of ST-Apps, is already working on a “Pokémon Go” app for Windows 10 Mobile.

ST-Apps uploaded online a proof of concept gif of the “Pokémon Go” app he was reportedly working on.

The gif, which can be viewed here, shows the interface of the game, and it’s noticeable that this version does not come with the fancy augmented reality interface and features of Niantic’s game, according to MSPowerUser.

Still, this version is worth a try because it works just like the real “Pokémon Go” and lets players walk around or even travel across the country to catch the virtual pocket monsters.

The emergence of ST-Apps’ proof of concept comes after a Change.org petition for Niantic to create a “Pokémon Go” app for Windows Phone earned 89,332 signatures.

Despite collecting a large number of signatures from Windows Phone users, Niantic still has no plans of creating a Windows Phone-compatible version of its successful game. The company is still focused on its apps for the Android OS and Apple’s iOS.

Thus, ST-Apps’ third-party app would most likely be the closest thing Windows Phone users could get to playing “Pokémon Go” using their devices.

Nevertheless, there’s still another big problem that’s getting in the way for Windows Phone users to finally get what they want.

Unfortunately, ST-Apps is very preoccupied with another project, so he cannot focus on the third-party “Pokémon Go” app for now.

There is also the possibility that Niantic will block the developer’s access to the unencrypted connection to the “Pokémon Go” servers.

However, ST-Apps has expressed that he is willing to release an open source version of the Windows Phone-compatible game next month if Niantic will not encrypt the connection to the servers by then.

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