'Pokemon X And Y' News: Tesco Offering A Special Serial Code Gift In The UK

Pokémon X And Y
Three more "Pokemon X and Y" mega evolution's coming 2015. screen shot, YouTube.com

"Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" will be releasing this week and many people who have yet to preorder or have decided on a retailer to buy their game from can look forward to incentives before choosing their respective retailers or eShops. One of the latest comes from Nintendo UK and Tesco. It has been confirmed that the retailer will offer a special extra incentive with copies marked as part of a promotion. Related: 'Pokemon X And Y' News: How To Transfer Your Old Monsters Using The Pokemon Bank And Transporter

These copies of "Pokemon X and Y" will entitle lucky buyers to a serial code, which has recently been confirmed as another method for receiving Mystery Gifts in the upcoming games. There also be the expected options of local Wi-Fi, Nintendo Network and infra-red for picking up additional goodies. The codes that will be given to gamers by Tesco will provide 12 Quick Balls, which are Poke Balls that will be essential for catching some of the monsters. Related: 'Pokemon X And Y' News: New Game Trailer Introduces Mega Charizard X [PHOTOS AND VIDEO]

It is expected that retailers in other regions will offer serial codes at launch for special incentives to pick up the "Pokemon X" and "Pokemon Y" games.

Both "Pokemon X and Y" will be available worldwide October 12 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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