The number of countries intending to provide Ukraine aid due to the Russian invasion continues to grow, the latest of which is Poland.

The move will get some backing from Britain but defense minister Ben Wallace that there could be consequences of doing so. Poland could provide Ukraine with fighter jets but this could come at a cost, Sky News reported.

"I would support the Poles and whatever choice they make," Wallace stated. “Poland will understand that the choices they make will not only directly help Ukraine, which is a good thing, but also may bring them into direct line of fire from countries such as Russia or Belarus."

The United States and Poland are reportedly discussing a deal that would send MiG-29 jets to Ukraine. The US is urging Poland to supply Ukraine with Soviet-era planes which they will reportedly replace with US jets.

For its part, Britain has provided Ukraine with defensive weapons aside from other military and humanitarian aid. Wallace is set to make a statement to parliament on Wednesday, setting out what further lethal and non-lethal aid Britain would be providing, as well as what measures the British government would urge other countries to do, Reuters reported.

As of this writing, the Associated Press reports that over 2 million civilians have fled Ukraine.

The crisis has now become the worst refugee crisis since World War II as Moscow forces besieged Ukrainian cities by cutting off food, water, head and medicine as the humanitarian crisis grows.

On Tuesday, Mar. 8, a convoy of buses filled with people fleeing the fighting moved from Sumy.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said they were headed southwest to the Ukrainian city of Poltava, and included students from India and China.

Before the convoy reached Sumy, overnight strikes reportedly killed 21 people, two of who were children.

A Rafale jet fighter of the French Air Force patrols the airspace over Poland
A Rafale jet fighter of the French Air Force patrols the airspace over Poland Getty Images | NICOLAS TUCAT/AFP

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