The National Police of the Dominican Republic reported this Sunday, Nov. 13, that it integrated 400 new agents into preventive work in the National District.

This was done on the instructions of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader.

200 of those designated are located in the so-called central polygon, which includes the Piantini, Naco, Serralles, and Paraíso sectors, according to a press statement.

Together with the new preventive agents, several units of the National Police Lynx Unit were integrated, they would be carrying out constant operations against delinquency in the aforementioned sectors and surrounding areas.

In the same way, the director general of the entity Eduardo Then instructed that intelligence work and focused interventions be increased.

The principal avenues of the city, including Winston Churchill, 27 de Febrero, John F. Kennedy, José Ortega y Gasset, Tiradentes, and Abraham Lincoln Avenue, along with others, are reinforced by the aforementioned demarcation.

"With the integration of the police officers, who graduated on October 14, prevention was increased in the demarcations where the country's financial center is located, as well as the largest real estate development in the city and shopping malls," the note refers.

The measure was announced by Major General Alberto Then during a work meeting held at Club San Carlos, where he urged the new agents to work strictly in accordance with the Constitution, laws, and institutional regulations.

At the same time, the police director general urged the officers under his command to remember that they cannot fail society, their families, or themselves.

He said, "Its main mission and task are to ensure citizen security," when haranguing the staff.

The director general also argued that all police officers "should feel proud to be part of the great family that is the National Police of the Dominican Republic and even more so today that we have unprecedented support from the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader”.

Major General Alberto Then was accompanied by Generals including Deputy Police Director Julio César Betances Hernández, Inspector General Pedro Eugenio Cordero Ubrí, Central Director of Human Resources Máximo Ramírez de Oleo, and Colonels Damián Félix Mora, Central Intelligence Director (DINTEL), and William Eusebio Natera, Commander C-1, Naco, among other senior officers.

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