A federal police officer stands guard near packages of seized marijuana at the site of a passageway Mexican authorities on Thursday attributed to the cartel of fugitive kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman in Tijuana, October 24, 2015. REUTERS/Jorge Duenes

More than a ton of cocaine and seven tons of marijuana were being smuggled into the country by six men via an 800-yard-long drug tunnel connecting Tijuana, and San Diego, news outlets reported on Wednesday.

Authorities revealed the smuggling passageway links a house located in Baja California, Mexico, with an outdoor fenced-in commercial lot in an Otay Mesa industrial park.

The suspects, identified as Martiniano García Sedano, Cruz Armando Parra Corrales, Alejandro Bravo, Juan Carlos Chávez Fabián, Alejandro Gómez Baez and Osmel Martínez, were arrested and charged with drug smuggling, and the facilitation of it by building the tunnel.

Official reports disclosed the underpass is fully equipped with a sophisticated ventilation and lighting system. In addition, tracks were assembled to carry the merchandise in sliding cars. On the Mexican side, a closet hides the elevator that allows access to the tunnel.

Abraham Pérez, a spokesperson for the DEA, told Noticieros Televisa that as of now, they couldn’t reveal to what cartel the tunnel belongs to, but they will provide that information as soon as the investigation is concluded.

This drug trafficking channel is one of the 13 most sophisticated tunnels that have been found in the US-Mexico border since 2006. In the last couple of years, officers have been able to identify 75 different routes connecting both countries for smuggling drugs purposes.

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