The Massachusetts police have launched a probe into the case of a young Dunkin’ Donuts employee, who was recently subjected to humiliation and attack by a customer.

Emma Dionne, an 18-year-old shift manager at the popular coffee and donut chain, witnessed a rather alarming incident after a customer got triggered for a glitch in her order. “I was like ‘Oh I’m sorry, let me put whipped cream on this for you,’” said Dionne to WHDH. “She just starts cussing and says how we shouldn’t be working here because of how rude we were,” she added.

The cruel act was captured on CCTV cameras and was soon shared as video footage by Woburn Police Department. The video highlights how the irked customer loses her cool and eventually throws a cup of the drink at Dionne. While no arrests have been made so far, cops are on the lookout for the offender and have urged the public to come forth if they were to come across any relevant information to alert the Police Department on 781-933-1212.

Aghast by the customer’s questionable aggressiveness, Dionne’s mother also spoke to the media about the incident. “I mean who does that?” asked Karen Dionne, further adding, “Just to know that someone even tried to harm your child … the feeling you get in your gut. Not only is it shocking and put you in disbelief but it makes you so angry.”

In another interview with CBS Bonton, Dionne reportedly said the incident has scarred her, so much so, she’s really doubtful about going back to work. “Just to see her like physically grab the cup and aim for my head was very, very scary to watch,” she said of her fear about returning.

Dunkin' Donuts logo
A logo of Dunkin' Donuts is pictured outside its store on April 26, 2021 in Utrecht, Netherlands. Photo by Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images