The Pontiff remembered those women "who work everyday towards building a more human and warm society for us all. Reuters

Pope Francis made a special mention to all the women in the world, in today's Angelus, honoring the celebration of International Women’s Day March 8, assuring that excluding them makes the world a more meager world. He remembered all women who look to make the world a better place “by forming a warmer and more humane society,” and also thanked those who “work for and are witnesses to the church’s gospel.” His words received a long applause and cheers from faithful followers in St. Peters Square in the Vatican.

“A world where women are excluded is a world more sparse, because women don’t only bring life, but they transmit the capacity to see beyond what meets the eye. They have a capacity to help us see the world through different eyes, to feel things with hearts that are more creative, more patient, more tender. A special blessing and prayer for all the women who are here in the square and all the women out there,” said the Pontiff.

After that, Pope Francis asked all faithful ones to keep preparing for Easter and reflect. To ask oneself, “Am I allowing Jesus to cleanse my heart?” and invited Catholics to know that Jesus doesn’t punish, “he cleanses with love, tenderness and mercy. Mercy is his way of cleansing,” concluded Pope Francis.

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