As Mexico gets ready to receive Pope Francis next month, the pontiff announced two more trips to South American countries in 2017: Colombia and Brazil. Reportedly, the head of Colombia’s Catholic Episcopal Conference and Archbishop of arzobispo de Tunja, Luis Augusto Castro met with the Pontiff in the Vatican and later confirmed his visit to the country next year. “The conclusions from the meeting are certain: the Pope will go to Colombia and affirmed his joy of being with us Colombians, and secondly, it will only be possible during the first or second trimester of 2017,” explained Castro.

In addition, Colombian archbishops have suggested the Pontiff visits areas where as many people as possible have access to him. “We won’t pick small sanctuaries here and there, but where he is accessible to as many Colombians as possible. However the Northeastern region of the country, Chocó-Quibdó, is almost confirmed “so the Pope can spend time with ethnic minorities such as African Americans.”

Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos was thrilled with the news and assured the Pontiff will be welcomed with open arms, enthusiasm and peace from his people.

The Pope is also set to deliver on his promise to come back to Brazil for the 300th anniversary of the Virgin of Aparecida which will be celebrated next year as well.