Pope Francis
The album includes eight tracks featuring spoken reflections by the Pope. Courtesy

A new album released by Warner Music Latina has launched worldwide Friday, highlighting the quotes and thoughts by his holiness Pope Francis. The production, titled "La Familia," features eight tracks featuring spoken reflections by the Pope.

According to a press statement by the record label, the album includes six instrumental pieces that highlight recordings of the Pope’s voice, taken from some of his most uplifting speeches. There is also a single called "La Madre," which is performed by Mexican pop icon Mijares.

Warner Music Latina expressed the following:

This project was created with the hope of disseminating the messages and teachings of Pope Francis. It has become increasingly clear from the very beginning, that in our present time, characterized by deep uncertainty, a crisis of values, and a lack of uplifting stories, there is a great need to talk about a topic much beloved by His Holiness: “The Family," ,the living symbol of growth, strength, and love.

All of the tracks on "La Familia," arranged by Gianpietro Felisatti, were designed to accompany the words of the Pope. Pontiff will soon visit Mexico from February 12 to the 18th. Check out the track list and listen to Mijares' single below.

"La Familia" track list:
1) “La Familia” (Family)
2) “La Madre” (The Mother) (feat. Mijares)
3) “Los Jóvenes” (Youth)
4) “El Matrimonio” (Marriage)
5) “El Padre” (The Father)
6) “Los Ancianos” (The Elderly)
7) “La Madre” (The Mother) (Mijares only version)
8) “Un Mundo Mejor” (A Better World)

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