pope francis
Pope Francis addressed the issue that birth control has become and invited all Catholics to exercise "responsible parenting." Reuters

Pope Francis made new declarations while speaking to reporters on his flight back to Rome from the Philippines, about responsible parenting. “Catholics do not need to breed like rabbits, what we need is that they exercise what I call responsible parenting…” His Sanctity was answering to a question posed by a journalist in Rome about the controversy of birth control, which is forbidden by the Catholic Church. The journalist mentioned this in reference to a woman who is now pregnant with her eighth child after having gone through seven C-sections. “That is an absolute irresponsibility,” said the Pope.

Of course Pope Francis defended the Catholic Church’s posture calling all families to regulate the birth of their children. “The woman might argue she believes in God, but God gives you the methods to be responsible.” He insisted there are several licit ways to practice birth control, which are approved by the church. “God gives you methods to be responsible,” he continued. “Some think that — excuse the word — that in order to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits. No.”

His Sanctity's trip to the Philippines might’ve had an impact and brought up the urge to address an issue like overpopulation, hunger and lack of family unity due to “irresponsible parenting.” Pope Francis not only invited devotees to use birth control methods approved by the church, but to tend to the children already in their lives.

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