The Popularity Growth of Nicotine Pouches The Popularity Growth of Nicotine Pouches Pixabay

The popularity of nicotine pouches cannot be understated in this day and age. Nicotine pouches' popularity developed through the product providing an alternative to those who wanted to quit active smoking, but still needed the nicotine fix. Soon enough, these users found the product better suited to them and stuck with it while encouraging other nicotine enthusiasts to pick up the use of it!

  • Preferred alternative to smoking

  • Can be used with other products

  • You don't need to spit

There are many positive alternatives to using nicotine pouches over smoking, vaping and chewing tobacco. Nicotine pouches are the most unobtrusive and discrete form of nicotine consumption, with obviously no smoke or vapor emission and no need to spit. With growing attention to every aspect of our lives through social media, nicotine pouches are a great alternative for more private nicotine lovers.

Nicotine pouches have a rich history

While you may think that nicotine pouches are a new tobacco trend such as the current uptick of vaping, in fact they were invented sometime in the 16th century! As they say: "Everything old is new again". The private and smokeless quality of nicotine pouches that attracted members of King Henry II's court in France still holds value for our current fashionistas and influencers.

Nicotine pouches or "Snus" are popular the world over, with the two largest demographics in the USA and Sweden. This gives many different styles and forms of snus to try and enjoy. Sweden's variety of tobacco free snus pouches are often moist and have an earthy, more classic taste, whereas American snus contains more sweeteners, often flavored with sugar and flavors such as mint and vanilla.

Helping the market

There is no two ways about it: the tobacco business has seen better days. The percentage of smokers in the USA has dropped 6% in the last decade. Nicotine pouches have opened up a new avenue for the tobacco business to reach past the stigma of smoking and continue to make a profit. A major selling point of nicotine pouches is the lack of tobacco.

  • A rich history from the royal families of the 16th century

  • Much less tobacco than smoking

Safety measures make nicotine pouches a safe alternative

This is a stressful and unusual time for most businesses. Covid-19 has changed how we live and literally breathe. Now the idea of walking through the smoke that's been expelled from someone's mouth on the street is not only upsetting but truly dangerous. Snus and smokeless tobacco are truly the safest way to consume nicotine in our current situation. It's just as if you're putting a mint in your mouth.

  • Safely enjoy nicotine in public

  • Protect you and those around you

Safe to use around children

It's hard to imagine a time when you would see a mother smoking a cigarette as she cleaned her baby's nursery; what we now know of second-hand smoke has taught us better. The issue is does the mother then need to step outside to smoke? Leaving her baby inside alone? Snus prevents that by eliminating second-hand smoke and any need to be away from any situation.

Ordering online

Another new aspect of life that is rapidly shifting is the need for delivery in EVERY aspect of our lives. With more work being shifted to remote work-from-home, it's become easier and even necessary to have goods delivered directly to us. This is another burgeoning area of nicotine pouch growth, with more orders coming in every day. Several sites make ordering simple with countless options of brands and flavors.

Nicotine pouches are here to stay

Snus has been an under-the-radar product, but the pendulum has already started to swing. Consumers today are looking for esthetically pleasing, cost-effective products with ease-of-use and safety measures that meet the current situation we are all facing in the world. Snus products have been around for literally hundreds of years and as smoking becomes a continually shrinking business, watch out for snus to rise to the occasion.