'Preacher' Season 1 Episode 3 Live Stream Online: When, Where To Watch 'The Possibilities'

Emily (Lucy Griffiths) and Jesse (Dominic Cooper) in episode three "The Possibilities." Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

Tonight is an all-new episode of "Preacher" on AMC and it looks as if preacher Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is coming into his newfound abilities.

In last week's episode "See," Jessie was struggling with God's silence, while Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) opened up about his true identity. We also saw government agents sneak into the church for Jesse and Tulip (Ruth Negga) was still attempting to bring Jesse over to the dark side. The highlight of the episode was Jesse discovering  some of his new power. The preacher silenced barking dogs and made a dangerous pedophile forget about his target. The episode ended with Jesse using his power to try to revive a girl in a coma. 

In the new episode, it appears as though Jesse will still be learning the ropes to all his new abilities. From the promo trailer, we know he will take Cassidy's assistance in finding out exactly what he can do. Meanwhile, in a sneak peek clip released by the network we see Tulip making an exchange for some important information. And from the look on her face, the information Tulip receives is of dire importance. 

According to TV Guide, the synopsis for episode three, "The Possibilities," reads: "Jesse explores his newfound power with Cassidy's help. Meanwhile, armed with new information, Tulip tries to convince Jesse to set out for revenge."

"Preacher's" third episode, "The Possibilities," will air Sunday, June 12, at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC and will be available the next day to stream or purchase on the AMC website, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox Video and more.

The network does offer a live stream service on its website, but you must be a subscriber to the network through your cable provider and you must sign in. If all else fails and you do not happen to subscribe to AMC, you can watch the new episode of "Preacher" herehere and here.

Check out the promo trailer and sneak peek clip for the third episode, "The Possibilities," below.

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