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Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro Sends Message To U.S. Citizens To Stop Trump From Starting A War Photo: Getty Images

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, signed an executive order imposing a total seizure on the assets of the Venezuelan government in US territory. Through the decree, the President informed that Venezuela doesn't control their belongings. "All assets and interests in assets of the Government of Venezuela that are in the United States ...

are blocked and cannot

be transferred, paid, exported, withdrawn or otherwise negotiated," says the brief.

Similarly, Americans can't do business with the Venezuelan government until the “usurpation” of power by

Nicolás Maduro

is over. Trump sent a letter to the president of the House of Representatives, Democrat

Nancy Pelosi

, stating that asset freezing was necessary

due to

the illegitimacy of Maduro's position as President of Venezuela. "

In light of

the continued usurpation of power by the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro,

as well as

by the human rights abuses of the regime, arbitrary arrest and detention of Venezuelan citizens, restriction of the free press and continuous attempts to undermine the president



and the democratically elected Venezuelan National Assembly," said a fragment of the message.

Besides the United States, most

Latin American countries have asked Maduro to resign, recognizing the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan

Guaidó, as president of the country. As reported by AP News, U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton, warned that any foreign governments and companies could face sanctions in the U.S. if they do business with Maduro and his administration. “The Maduro regime now joins that exclusive club of rogue states,” Bolton said at a conference in Peru.

“We are

sending a signal to third parties that want to do business with the Maduro regime: Proceed with extreme caution,” Bolton said to

more than 50 governments. “There is no need to risk your business interests with the United States for

the purposes of profiting from a corrupt and dying regime.”

Guaidó supports the U.S. action and said he will protect Venezuela’s most valuable overseas asset from Maduro.

“Any individual, company, institution or nation that tries to do business with the regime will be seen by the international justice system as collaborating with and sustaining a dictatorship,”

Guaidó said on Twitter. “They will be subject to sanctions and considered an accomplice to crimes.”

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