November 8 is finally here, and today is the day when America decides who is going to be our next president. Throughout the campaign, the importance of the Latino vote has been acknowledged, mostly by one candidate more than the other, and it’s no surprise a lot of celebrities have gotten together to encourage our community to cast our vote. Although it’s not new that entertainers take part in the political process, Latino celebs have remained on the sidelines for years. However, given Trump’s rhetoric against Mexicans and undocumented immigrants during his campaign, most felt it was time to speak up.

Louis DeSipio, a Latino politics expert at the University of California-Irvine, told Fox News Latino that this year there is undoubtedly “more enthusiastic support from Latinos in the arts.” “The way Mr. Trump frames his campaign – talking about Mexicans as rapists – doesn’t just speak to Latino concerns, artists are part of that community,” DeSipio said. “They heard that message as well.”

Although most Latino celebrities have endorsed Clinton on this election, they still want everyone to go out and vote, and are using social media to let everyone know they voted and that you should too.