A bible camp in Canada on Sunday is under investigation after an employee that they hired, who reportedly had a history of drug addiction, crime, and domestic violence, performed an exorcism on one of the campers who he claimed was allegedly possessed by a demon.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed the investigation into the camp personnel, who allegedly gathered the campers from the Redberry Bible Camp in Saskatoon–all aged between 12 and 14–into a cabin to perform an exorcism on an underage boy he claimed was possessed, leaving the child twitching on the ground and bleeding after the ordeal, according to the Daily Beast.

The man then offered calling cards to the children, claiming that he is the only one who could get rid of the specific demon exorcised that day. Many of the campers complained to those working at the facility about the display, and some of them called their parents out of fear of what had just happened, CBC reported.

Many of those parents subsequently went to the bible camp and picked up their children, even if the camp was not even half-over at that point.

“Parents would reasonably expect that in sending their child to camp, they would be in a safe environment, and treated in a way that does not threaten their physical or emotional health and well-being,” Lise Milne, a social work professor from the University of Regina, said.

Although authorities have kept many details of the case out of the public due to its sensitive nature, a video that was discovered on the man being investigated showed him candidly talking about domestically abusing his past girlfriend, an act that reportedly got him fired from a previous camp as a counselor.

“In my drunken rage, I sabotaged everything, I physically abused my girlfriend, screaming so loud it woke up the neighborhood, my girlfriend ran out of the house, banging on the doors of anyone who would listen and next thing I knew my parents and the police showed up,” he said.

The case is still under investigation, and no one has been charged with any crime as of press time.

A man who worked at a bible camp in Canada is being investigated as of Sunday after the person allegedly performed an exorcism on a child. This is a representational image. Danylo Suprun/Unsplash.

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