‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 4B Spoilers: ‘Mona Is The Queen’ According To Showrunner Marlene King

Mona Vanderwaal in Radley Sanitarium, is the cunning teen really cured of her insanity? Or has she fooled everyone into believing that she has left the "A team" behind? Or guess is that Mona is still entangled in the "A team" web, she may even be it's fearless leader! Alloy Entertainment

Mona Vanderwaal should not be toyed with, “Pretty Little Liars” fans learned that lesson over two seasons ago, when the former best friend of Hanna Marin was exposed as “A” or one of them at least! Fans recently learned in the Halloween special “Grave New World” that Ezra was “A” and while we knew of the existence of the “A team” his name on the roster was definitely a shock to the audience. Ezra is still playing the loving boyfriend to Aria, so we are assuming that his exposure as the tormenter in her and her friend’s lives will also be something of a surprise. When fans learned of Ezra’s true nature, they immediately assumed that he was the “Uber A” the leader of all of these scheming characters who inhabit Rosewood. But a new cryptic message from “Pretty Little Liars” show runner, Marlene King has us questioning just exactly who the reigning “A” in town is!

A fan of ABC Family’s hit series probed King about the “A team” on Twitter, asking, “In my opinion, Mona was the best –A team. And you?” While we happen to agree with this fans assessment, we could have never predicted what King responded with. The active show runner and executive producer seemed to be aligned with this fan’s assessment with the cunning character writing, “Mona is the queen. But wait for it.”  Mona being described as “the queen” can really only mean one thing, mainly that she is actually the mastermind behind the entire “A” operation, and wouldn't’t it make more sense that Mona was the really schemer. First off, I have always thought that the “-A team” and their motives seemed feminine, she knows how to break the Liars because despite being public enemy number 1, she still knows them through and through.

While I am excited at the prospect of Mona being exposed as the pull stringing, crowing wearing “A” that she was born to be, King message also provides some juicer information. By warning fans to “wait for it,” the show runner is promising a big reveal sometime later in Season 4B. We assume that the reveal will be more than her continued work with the “A team” even though she allegedly changed teams and allied herself with the Liars. We are hoping that Mona’s big secret becomes exposed while she exposing Ezra and his secret life. In a recently released promo video for the winter premiere episode, “Who’s in the Box” Mona and Ezra are seen chatting it up, and the two tyrants don’t seem to mind who watches them converse. During the exchange, Mona reveals to her former English teacher that she is jealous of his relationship with the Liars. “I’m a little envious of the other girls -- the support they get. Makes me think how much better I’d be doing if I found the right mentor.” While we initially interpreted this mysterious message to mean minor “A” is asking the major “A” for help, our opinion has changed. What if instead of seeking out help, Mona is attempting to expose Ezra as the true villain in the lives of the Liars.

What do you think of Marlene King’s tweet to a “Pretty Little Liar” fan? Is Mona set to be exposed as the Queen of all A’s or is this just another trick to bait us fans! Comment below and let us know, and of course don’t forget about the Season 4 winter premiere episode “Who’s in the Box” airing on ABC Family on Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. 

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