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What to know about season six of "Pretty Little Liars." ABC Family

The premiere of "Pretty Little Liars" season six is just a few weeks away and we are pumped to see what goes down. With the reveal of A it will be interesting to see how the producers play with the storyline. When the series returns to ABC Family on June 2 we'll know exactly what will happen to our favorite characters Aria (Lucy Hale), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario). But until then check out these things to know about the coming season of "Pretty Little Liars." This articles contains spoilers, continue reading at your own risk.

1. First five episode titles revealed - The first five episodes of "PLL" season six has been revealed. The episode titles are listed as; "Game On, Charles," "Songs of Innocence," "Songs of Experience," "Don't Look Now" and "She's No Angel."

2. Episode 1 synopsis revealed - According to The Futon Critic the synopsis for the premiere episode reads: "Moments after where the season five finale left off, Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Mona are trapped outside of Charles' Dollhouse with nowhere to go and must now deal with an angry tormentor. Just when the Liars thought Charles couldn't get any worse, his games take a more demented and darker turn. As the girls struggle to survive, the puzzle of Charles' story begins to come together. Meanwhile, Ezra, Caleb and Toby continue the fight to find the girls with or without Rosewood P.D.'s help."

3. 10 episodes learning about "A" - The season will pick up right where it left off at the end of the fifth season. The first 10 episodes of the season will deal almost exclusively with the mystery of Charles DiLaurentis and the "A" mystery. This season will also include the Liars graduating from high school along with a four year time jump.

4. There will be a time jump - In an interview with E! Online showrunner I. Marlene King said that the sixth season will deal with the mystery of Charles DiLaurentis and the "A" mystery. She confirmed that a four year time-jump to after college will be included, and will happen after the first ten episodes. King also confirmed that the sixth season will include the liars graduating from high school.

5. Mona as series regular - Mona Vanderwaal, was supposedly killed in the mid-season finale of season five. However, in the fifth season finale, it was revealed that Mona was alive. Futhermore the actress that portrays her, Janel Parrish, confirmed in an interview that she will be returning to the sixth season as a series regular.

6. Familiar faces return - Rumer Willis was announced to be returning to the show as Zoe, Emily's coach when she was in Haiti building houses. Also both Spencer's siblings Melissa and Jason will return in season six. Torrey DeVitto told Wetpaint that Melissa should be back, while showrunner Marlene King tweeted that Jason would be a "big part" of the next few episodes. Isabella Kai Rice will return to season six as little Alison. Both Aria's parents will return. Holly Maria Combs and Chad Lowe both confirm they will be on screen in season six of "PLL."

7. New guest stars - It was announced on March 25, 2015, that "Project Runway" alum Dre Davis was cast as Kimberly Brown. Troian Bellisari shared a pic via Instagram of herself and "Dance Moms" Maddie Ziegler on set (check out the picture below). Plus Bellisario's BFF in real life, Lulu Brud Zsebe, has been cast as Sabrina.

Maddie Ziegler & Troian Bellisario
Maddie Ziegler & Troian Bellisario on the set of "Pretty Little Liars" season six. Instagram/sleepinthegardn

8. Rats will make a return in season six - We don't really know the significance of the rats but we do know they will make a return in season six. “Just another day on set... #PLL,” director Chad Lowe captioned a photo of a white rat inside of a cage. Perhaps Charles inherited Mona’s penchant for torturing rats as a stand-in for the Liars?

9. More Ezra - Ezra (Ian Harding) will be popping up frequently in early Season six. We see him at Ali’s press conference in the season six premiere, and "PLL" writer Maya Goldsmith has confirmed that he will appear in both Episodes five and Episode six.

10. More Haleb - From the promo photos, we know Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) will appear in the season six premiere, and we know from writer Jonell Lennon that Hanna and Caleb will have some serious screentime in episode four. "PLL" writer Maya Goldsmith has also confirmed that he will be in Episodes 5 and 6. That’s a lot of Caleb time!

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