Up until now, everyone assumed that Prince Charles is in the pink. But, a recent photograph of the Prince of Wales got tongues wagging—on a visit to a Sikh Temple—where the 71-year-old Prince’s left foot looked unusually swollen. Is the British Royal family was hiding another secret?

Several netizens speculated that the Prince of Wales was suffering from Gout. Inflammatory arthritis causes swelling among a host of other health complications like chronic pain, stiffness and the like.

Yet, there wasn’t much meat to this assumption as Charles was spotted cutting and indulging in a chocolate cake—gout patients are usually banned from consuming cocoa. “He had both his hands and legs swollen. But he then had chocolate cake,” Jane Haylay, a Quora user, said. “And everybody who ever had gout(build-up of high uric acid in the body), knows that one of the worst things you can eat with that condition is cocoa, and chocolate made from it…It is a big no-no in low purine diet(which doctor will instruct you to keep if you have high levels of uric acid-gout),” she added. It was also reiterated that due efforts would’ve been made by the organizers to ensure that the Prince didn’t consume cocoa, had it been a genuine case of gout.

On Nov. 13, the Prince of Wales kickstarted his India tour which was packed with myriad royal engagements. On day one, Charles paid a visit to the Bangla Sahib Gurdwara Sikh Temple to partake in the 550th-anniversary celebrations of the birth of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism.

Upon his arrival, His Royal Highness was greeted by the President of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Committee and the General Secretary of Bangla Sahib. Charles exchanged pleasantries with senior members of the Sikh community and also paid a visit to the temple’s kitchen. The prince seemed to be in awe of the process and the large volume of visitors it served. What’s more, Charles also took part in the process of cooking rotis! The prince of Wales took a stroll around the Sarovar pool and had tea with Sikh delegates before his departure.

Prince Charles and Camilla Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, attend the opening of a new terminal at the Owen Roberts International Airport on March 27, 2019, in George Town, Cayman Islands. Phil Noble - Pool/Getty Images