Prince Philip and Prince Charles may not share the best father-son relationship, but that doesn’t mean that the Duke of Edinburgh has never given the Prince of Wales any fatherly piece of advice. In fact, Prince Charles was in his twenties when he received the best advice from his dad.

Once, Prince Charles revealed how Prince Philip gave him an unconventional piece of advice when it comes to posing for pictures. This piece of advice was revealed by British comedian and actor Stephen Fry during a 2017 episode of the Graham Norton Show.

During the show, Fry recalled Prince Charles’ 50th birthday party, where a long list of celebrities and other high-profile people were in attendance. He then showed the audience a photo from the event, which featured Prince Charles, Mr. Stephen Fry, Gerri Halliwell and Jennifer Aniston.

Fry revealed to the audience one story that Prince Charles had shared with him about how he should pose in pictures with girls. “When you are doing a photograph, you are doing a line up and there are women, always look into their eyes,” Fry quoted Prince Philip as saying. “Don’t for a second let your eyes drop to their chest. That’s when the photograph goes on,” he added.

After quoting Prince Philip, Fry pointed at the photo on the screen and mocked Prince Charles, who was clearly not looking down. “If you look he is not looking down,” he laughingly said. “All the rest of us are looking down,” he added.

The Duke of Edinburgh may have the reputation of being unaffectionate, but he is popular for his sense of humor and unconventional lines. He is quiet most of the time, but when he opens his mouth, his words are priceless. His reputation for plain speaking has often led to controversy, and his undiplomatic language has landed him many times in hot water.

When Prince Charles reached his thirties, Prince Philip also advised his son to stop behaving like a young, free and single man so he could finally marry. After paying heed to his father’s advice, Prince Charles met Diana Spencer and married her not so long after.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles The Wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Photograph at Buckingham Palace, July 29, 1981. Joe Haupt/Flickr