British Republicans do not want Prince Charles to be king. A royal documentary recently questioned the capability of Prince Charles to succeed his mother, saying that Queen Elizabeth is the “last positive outcome” for the British monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth has been heading the monarchy since 1952. When she dies, Prince Charles will take over the role and become the next king. While the Queen has been preparing the Prince of Wales all his life for his future role, a majority of the Brits want Prince Charles to stand aside and let his son, Prince William, be in charge.

In the documentary titled “The Madness Of Prince Charles,” Peter Marsh, a professor in social psychology at the University of Oxford, revealed that they’re not okay with calling Prince Charles their king. “When the Queen dies, I think that will be the point when there will be an increase consensus that the monarchy in this country has outlived any positive function that it might once you have been perceived as having,” he said. “I think at that stage, you know this sort of Republicans within us to think well the Queen was okay but we’re not having Charles,” he added.

The Republicans’ dislike for the Prince of Wales is not something new to the Brits. Back in 2015, Republicans and pressure groups slammed Prince Charles for constantly meddling with politics, saying that it undermined the role of the monarchy. According to Labour MP member Paul Flyn, Charles is “unfit” for the job of monarch. He also called for a referendum on whether Prince Charles or Prince William should take over when Queen Elizabeth dies.

“The prime qualification for a royal head of state is political impartiality,” Flyn said. “Charles has proven himself to be the mouthpiece of sensible views, eccentric views, and barmy views. Seeing as we are not living in a medieval state, the public should have a say into who should be the head of state: should it be Charles, or should it be William, who has the gift of his mother in remaining politically silent and inert,” he added, saying that the prince lacks the restraint that Queen Elizabeth has in not speaking for more than 60 years on controversial issues.

Although Prince Charles’ approval ratings have recovered since his divorce with Princess Diana, most Republicans still think that he is not fit to be king. In a survey conducted by BMG Research, it was found that almost half of the British population would like Prince Charles to abdicate immediately to allow Prince William to take over. 

Prince Charles Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, at a Prince's Trust International reception at the Coral Reef Club Hotel on March 19, 2019, in Bridgetown, Barbados. Chris Jackson/Getty Images