Prince Charles is set to assume all of Queen Elizabeth’s roles as the head of the British monarchy in 2021, but Queen Elizabeth will still be the Queen. A source has revealed that the changes are already underway, and the public can expect more to follow until Queen Elizabeth finally hands over all her responsibilities to her eldest son two years from now.

According to the source, there are plans in place for Prince Charles to become king in 2021, but not in name. As Queen Elizabeth triggers the Regency Act on April 21, 2021, Prince Charles will automatically assume all her roles and will officially become a prince regent. However, Queen Elizabeth will not step down and will retain her position as the Queen of England.

“Her Majesty will never resign, though. She will be on the throne to her last breath. But with the Regency act and meetings that have taken place recently, when Her Majesty gets to 95 then the Regency Act 1937 will be brought in through Parliament,” the source revealed.

Royal expert Robert Jobson previously disclosed that the Queen was already making strides to transfer her executive powers to Prince Charles and make him the prince regent when she turns 95 in 2021. “Some close to the monarch say that, if she reaches the age of 95, she will make a monumental decision and choose to officially allow Charles to take over the stewardship of her reign,” he said.

Jobson also revealed that although Prince Charles would have Queen Elizabeth’s executive powers in 2021, Queen Elizabeth would still technically be the head of the British monarchy. “She will, they say, officially transfer all executive powers to him as Prince Regent until her death, when he will become king. This would enable her to fudge the issue of her not fulfilling her Coronation Oath to God and her people to serve as queen regnant until her death,” he explained.

Prince Charles has long been preparing for his role as the future king. In 2018 alone, he attended 546 royal engagements. Queen Elizabeth has also been reportedly holding private meetings with his son as she discusses with him the matters of state.

Prince Charles Prince Charles, Prince Of Wales, attends a wreath laying ceremony at the Jose Marti Memorial on March 24, 2019, in Havana, Cuba. Chris Jackson/Getty Images