Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, is next to ascend the throne after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, passes away. Groomed to be king since birth, he has shown great promise as a future king — particularly in recent years, after taking on some of the royal responsibilities needed for his future position. The prince’s zodiac and birth charts speak volumes about the man and how he might act as the future king.

Prince Charles has the sun sign (more commonly known as star sign) of Scorpio. The sun sign points to how your personality and character run. As such, Prince Charles as a Scorpio shows him being very in tune with his feelings but hiding them under his “shell” and being “prickly” to those who he doesn’t trust.

The moon sign, on the other hand, speaks of the inner workings of one’s mind — in particular, how one processes emotions and feelings. The prince’s moon sign is Taurus, pointing to a need for security and stability, as well as investing in good, strong relationships with people he trusts.

The rising sign is more of how one presents himself to the world. And for Prince Charles’ case, it is the sign of Leo. Those of the Leo sign are very confident and bright, boasting strong leadership and generosity to those around him.

As a young boy, he was often chided for being soft — causing some frustrations for his father, Prince Philip. But this gentleness proves to be a great sign as a future leader, promising a caring future for all his subjects. His birth charts also say much about his tenacity and how his strong passion will push for him to keep at his goals no matter what.

These characteristics in totality make him a natural-born leader: confident, shrewd and wise with his dealings with people. “There’s a soft, emotional gentleness to him [but] he’s a force to be reckoned with,” says Leslie McGuirk, astrologer and author of The Power of Mercury. “He’s tried to do good with the environment [and] architecture and will be a good leader,” she adds.

Prince Charles Britain's Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (C) laughs as he talks with guests at a reception at the closing session of the Commonwealth Business Forum at the Guildhall in central London on April 18, 2018. DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images