With Queen Elizabeth sitting on the throne for 67 years now, most ask how much longer it will take for Prince Charles to wear the crown. Per the grapevine, Golden Orb — a state-independent and highly secretive organization — has already done most of the preparation and planning. This has left people speculating on what crown Prince Charles is going to wear when he becomes king.

Coronations are very traditional ceremonies, with each part carefully done according to custom and sparsely edited for appropriation in the modern day. For this occasion, it’s not only the crown that matters. After his accession to the throne, Prince Charles will also have to choose his regnal name.

As his full name is Charles Philip Arthur George, he can take his regnal name from any of these. Although keeping the known current name is the usual option, some monarchs use a different name for varying reasons.

He may pick Charles III, but this is less likely due to the notoriety of the two previous King Charles. Picking George VII would be the likely choice as it gives homage to Queen Elizabeth’s father and presents a certain sense of stability to the throne should the Queen pass. King Philip the First or King Arthur the First is also a likely option.

With regard to the crown, for about 200 years, different crowns have been used for varying reasons. There are lighter crowns — like the State Crown of George I — or personalized crowns— such as the Coronation Crown of George the First. However, St. Edward’s Crown is traditionally used in coronation ceremonies.

George the Fifth brought this tradition back in 1911, and this has been the practice since. It would then make sense if Charles would opt to use the St. Edward’s Crown for his coronation.

“Every monarch since George V has used this Crown at their coronation, so I would be very surprised if Prince Charles decides to use something else,” a user at Quora answered. “The ‘working’ Crown of the British monarch is the Imperial State Crown,” he continued.

Should Prince Charles opt to use the St. Edward’s Crown for his coronation, it will, of course, be outfitted to fit his head. To date, no official announcement on a crown change has been made.

Prince Charles Prince Charles, Prince Of Wales, attends a wreath laying ceremony at the Jose Marti Memorial on March 24, 2019, in Havana, Cuba. Chris Jackson/Getty Images