Prince George’s recent actions have everyone applauding the parenting skills of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Life of high society has the tendency to make children entitled and rude. However, the little Prince of Cambridge has just proved that there are exceptions to this bias.

The Waitrose supermarket staff has become familiar with Prince George and his father’s pleasant approach, an insider from The Sun reported. The eldest son of William and Kate reportedly “delighted” supermarket staff by offering and carrying groceries into the royal’s Norfolk home. The boy was applauded for his efforts to offer his assistance in carrying the loads of food orders.

“It is rare for anyone to ever offer to carry deliveries inside,” the insider shared. “So the Waitrose delivery staff were surprised and delighted to be greeted regularly by Prince William and Prince George,” he continued.

Prince George was described to be particularly “helpful” and “inquisitive” as he always asks what he can carry for the Waitrose staff. The “down-to-earth” demeanor of the Duke of Cambridge is obviously rubbing off on the child, leaving fans gushing over the boy’s sweet actions.

“George is always particularly helpful and is the one who asks each time what he can carry for them,” said the insider. “It shows how down-to-earth William is and that he wants his son to grow up being polite and helpful to others,” he added.

The young boy’s sweet actions speak volumes about the parenting style of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The parents have adopted how Princess Diana took care of her children and her dream of having a “normal” childhood for her kids.

George, much like William, was made to go to regular school instead of relying on private tutoring in order to develop social skills and to adjust to the non-royal lifestyle. This is a shout out to how Prince William once treasured his “normal” experience as a student, and now he hopes that his son will appreciate it as well.

This down-to-earth lifestyle aims to give the boy a sense of compassion, self-reliance and a strong sense of responsibility. The young Prince George is already showing results of his parents’ excellent parenting, and the applause of fans is well placed for the future of the royal family.

Prince George of Cambridge Britain's Prince George (C), accompanied by Britain's Prince William (L), Duke of Cambridge, arrives for his first day of school at Thomas's school. RICHARD POHLE/AFP/Getty Images