Soon after the shock statement about Harry and Meghan was made official by the Queen on Saturday, netizens have gone into a tizzy. And thus, brings forth a volley of questions: Will they be funded? Who foots the million-pound bill for their security? Will Meghan get back into showbiz? While the couple signed off as “Their Royal Highnesses” on their website, sparking confusion, it has been made clear that Harry and Meghan will not serve the Queen going forward since the start of spring.

1) Harry will be stripped of major titles: Harry, who is said to have cherished the time he served in the Army, will lose several significant military titles including Captain-General of the Royal Marines, Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Honington and Commodore-in-Chief of the Small Ships and Diving, Royal Naval Command. Harry will also cease to be a Commonwealth Youth Ambassador. 

2) The couple will have to let go of the HRH titles: Quite like his late mother, Princess Diana, Harry too will not be allowed to the His Royal Highness title. The same applies to Meghan Markle. Yet, they aren’t being stripped of their royal titles in every sense of the word. Prince Harry will be known as Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan will be addressed as the Duchess of Sussex.

3) Harry and Meghan are free to work: The Sussexes who clearly seemed to have felt out of place in the royal fishbowl, will not get to lead normal lives—and clinch commercial deals, provided they uphold the monarchy’s values. The Queen’s statement mentioned that the couple will have to give up their Sovereign Grant money - which equates to about £100,000-a-year. 

4) It’s payback time for Harry and Meghan: The furor over dwindling away the British taxpayer’s money in refurbishing their official residence, Frogmore Cottage, finally settles. Harry and Meghan will have to shell out 2.4 million euros of money as a repayment for the renovation of their pad.

5) Prince Charles might offer financial support: While Harry and Meghan will tread on a new path as financially independent individuals, it is learned that the Prince of Wales will fund them privately—2.3 million euros a year from a Duchy of Cornwall via Prince Charles.

6) Taxpayers may continue to pay for their security: What sparked irked online is the very mention of how Harry and Meghan will continue to enjoy security at the expense of the taxpayer. The security bill, which is estimated to add up to 7.6 million euros a year, will either be picked by the citizens of UK or Canada, depending upon where they choose to settle permanently.