Meghan Markle and her friends brought baby showers to the next level with the recently celebrated lavish and high-profile party thrown in New York. Once Baby Sussex is born, an announcement will follow on who the godparents will be. But there is a high probability that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s names will not be announced.

Prince Harry and Meghan are expecting their first child this spring, two months from now. The excitement builds as Meghan’s due date approaches. From the posh baby shower in New York, the next question would be who to expect in Baby Sussex’s christening.

Since Baby Sussex, offspring of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, is royalty, inviting godparents will have to adhere to royal traditions. According to royal traditions of christening, immediate family members are restricted from becoming godparents. Given this rule, it is clear that Prince William and Kate Middleton are off the godparent list.

Ever since Kate missed Meghan’s baby shower for valid reasons, rumors started flying that the Duchess of Cambridge will make up for it by throwing a second baby shower, and lately as a godparent. The royal protocol dictates that immediate and close family members cannot become godparents, which shuts down rumors about it.

It is no wonder why Prince Harry and Pippa and James Middleton are not godparents to any of Prince and Kate’s children.

But who will likely become Baby Sussex’s godparents? Journalist Melanie Bromley predicts who the potential godparents are. It is extremely likely to include guests from Meghan’s baby shower. Bromley names stylist Jessica Mulroney as possibly on the list.

Predicted godparents include “Suits” co-star Abigail Spencer and close friend Serena Williams. Power couple George and Amal Clooney are also expected to be on the godparent list, but George told the press earlier that he already has his twins and has “enough s*** to deal with,” thus shutting down rumors.

The Duchess of Sussex continues to enjoy her pregnancy with regular acupuncture sessions to relax her and prepare her for the coming of Baby Sussex.

The royal traditions of birth did not specify how many godparents a royal baby should have, but Prince George has seven, Princess Charlotte has five and Prince Louis has five.

Other royal traditions that the new royal couple is expected to follow include accepting gifts, picking royal names from previous monarchs and having Baby Sussex wear the same baptism gown as other royal babies have worn.