Prince Harry calls out all media outlets that he deemed are attacking his wife, Meghan Markle. Apart from suing the Mail on Sunday, he also wrote a letter about how the media is treating his wife so unfairly, which is just like history repeating itself - referencing his mom, Princess Diana. 

In his letter, Prince Harry implies that media outlets have been relentless in their acts to dehumanize and commodify Markle, just like what they did with Princess Diana. As such, the legal action against Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday was deemed just right to send out the message that their actions are not tolerated.

The suit has been called all sorts of things, because it is unprecedented. Royals usually ignore media gossip and stories anyway, It was even called an open war by some. According to The Times, royal aides also told him not to drop the letter, but he did not listen. 

While some support his emotionally-charged opinions about what is happening to Markle, his comparison of his wife to Princess, Diana drew flak. Some also said the comparison was entirely inaccurate. What did he get wrong?

As everyone knows, Princess Diana passed away in 1997 because of a tragic car crash. The paparazzi were hounding her, and she got into the fatal accident, trying to elude the aggression of the media cameras. While it is possible that Markle, too, is being hounded by the media, fans of Princess Diana could not bear the comparison because Princess Daina is beloved by people across the world and even called the “People’s Princess.” Meanwhile, Markle could not achieve the same status.

From the beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry, the former “Suits” star already divided many’s sentiments. Some think she’s suitable for the Palace, while many think she’s mostly a troublemaker. Her press coverage, however, has been majorly negative. Princess Diana’s was mostly positive, even though, as Prince Harry said, her mom was certainly commodified in a way.