Kensington Palace recently released Social Media Community Guidelines in line with insulting and degrading comments toward Meghan Markle received online. And users who fail to comply with the guidelines will be banned by the Palace.

One might wonder how severe the comments are against the new royal duchess that the Palace had to take action. Twitterverse shares the same hate for Meghan that a #MegXit has become a thing. Below are the meanest and nastiest comments Meghan has received so far.

1. She is self-obsessed and a narcissist

Narcissist is one of the worst adjectives that the public uses to describe Meghan. A group of script specialists analyzed the Duchess of Sussex’s handwriting using a letter she made in response to her dad, Thomas Markle. The readings weren’t good as, according to the experts, the handwriting suggests that Meghan is cautions and a “narcissist showman.”

British writer Lady Colin Campbell slammed Meghan for cutting her family out of her life when she became a duchess. Even one of the tweets from #MegXit hashtag described the duchess as a self-obsessed narcissist.

2. She is faking her pregnancy

One of the most shocking and most ridiculous headlines about Meghan is that she is faking her own pregnancy. There are multiple articles and videos trying to prove that the Duchess of Sussex is faking her baby bump with a prosthetic bump.

According to this conspiracy, Prince Harry and Meghan are using a surrogate and Meghan is just wearing a prosthetic bump. To add to the insult, they say that Meghan’s constantly holding her bump during public appearances means that she is securing the fake bump into place.

3. She used her American charm to win Prince Harry over

This comment falls under the worst and most degrading category of nastiest things ever said against Meghan and generally against American women. “American girls will give b--wj--s way earlier than British girls because they don't consider it sex,” Tatler quotes an American heiress who is married to an Old Etonian in an article on why the most eligible British men end up with American charms.

4. She is being called Maggot Markle

A Facebook page called Maggot Markle is dedicated wholly to insulting and sharing hate for the Duchess of Sussex. The page is loaded with unflattering photos of Meghan and memes that clearly make the duchess a laughing stock.

5. She is not Kate Middleton

The public can’t help but compare the two duchesses, but public affection is clearly won by the Duchess of Cambridge. From family life and educational background to past careers and fashion, trolls use these differences in Meghan and Kate to determine which duchess is better. It seems that the trolls consider Meghan as less royalty because of her race and relationship with her family.

Meghan Markle Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, visits New Zealand House to sign a book of condolence on behalf of the Royal Family following the recent terror attack which saw at least 50 people killed at a Mosque in Christchurch on March 19, 2019, in London, England. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images