Meghan Markle has been subjected to different rumors since marrying Prince Harry. From family drama to alleged diva antics, the Duchess of Sussex’s name has been attached to every possible crazy lowdown. But what could be more ridiculous than Meghan faking her pregnancy?

The fake pregnancy rumor sounds totally absurd, but it has some foundation. There was even a hashtag on Twitter called #Megxhit for anything bad about Meghan. Listed below are reasons why Meghan may be faking her pregnancy according to conspiracy theories and rumors.

Hair-Relaxing Treatments

Etiquette expert Myka Meier told a tabloid news site that Meghan’s hairstyle is particularly interesting. Given Meghan’s mixed race, her hair is naturally curly, but the duchess has been spotted donning a sleek straight hair in several events. Hair-relaxing and straightening chemicals can be harmful to a pregnant woman and her baby.

Frequent Travels

Prince Harry and Meghan often travel to fulfill royal duties as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But some expressed concerns on how often the pregnant duchess flies abroad. For instance, Meghan was able to fly 10,000 miles in 11 days while seven and a half pregnant. This led conspiracy theorists to claim that Meghan is probably faking her pregnancy.

Frequently Cradling Baby Bump

During public appearances, Meghan has been frequently photographed and spotted holding her baby bump. Some comments at first were just about how Meghan was trying so hard to show that she really is pregnant.

These, however, got more vicious and led to rumors on Meghan wearing a prosthetic pregnant bump. The rumor says that Meghan is holding her baby bump to keep the prosthetic bump in place. Several YouTube videos were made to analyze and explain how Meghan is faking her pregnancy. There were also photos of the bum, allegedly in square shape, which is odd because pregnancy bumps are not definitely square!

Experts explained that the gesture could be Meghan’s maternal instinct. Cradling is helpful in soothing and relaxing the baby inside the tummy.

No Physical Changes

Meghan has always had a great physique, from the time of her “Suits” days and even after marrying Prince Harry. She once posted a plant-based diet and exercise routine, like yoga and running, on her now defunct Instagram. Royal watchers, however, observed how small her body frame is despite her pregnancy.

Her small pregnancy frame has let her body slide into regular outfits and transform them into glamorous maternal wear. Meghan’s ability to look ultra fashionable while pregnant, however, did not make some royal watchers happy. Instead, it solidified the fake pregnancy rumors.

Ex-Husband’s Revelation

The #Megxhit community is convinced that Meghan is faking her pregnancy and is just using a surrogate. Their proof to backup this claim is a statement from Meghan’s ex-husband, Trevor Engelson, revealing that the duchess cannot get pregnant. However, the claim has no real basis and is not confirmed by the party involved.

What do you think of Meghan’s fake pregnancy rumors?