After the enormous success NBC's "The Voice" has gained through its four seasons, and the Spanish versions "La Voz México" and "La Voz Colombia", comes a new and interesting project "La Voz Kids", focused on helping extremely talented kids ages 7-14 make their dreams come true.

This time, Prince Royce, Paulina Rubio and Roberto Tapia will be coaching the kids throughout this amazing journey, as they all started their careers at a young age themselves and know the struggles artistic kids face, and the right motivation to keep them going towards their goal in a healthy environment.

"Knowing that I'll be working with kids that have a dream like the one I had it's wonderful," said Prince Royce -- who's very excited to be joining this special edition of the show. "I remember being 13 and already singing to girls, writing poems and songs, and finally deciding, at 15 that I really wanted to pursue this as a career. I see those kids and I see myself. At that age, when I started, I always dreamed of someone giving me the opportunity to show the world what I was capable of doing."

Paulina Rubio, who's already a veteran since she was one of the coaches of "La Voz México", said her fellow coaches should be "super afraid" because she's "in it to win it". She added: "With respect and a lot of humor we'll have all the components for good TV, team Rubio is here to stay".

Roberto Tapia, regional Mexican singer, is really excited that he's representing that influential market and he hopes to see some regional music on the stage. "I hope to be able to guide them with love but discipline."

The show will air May 5 on Telemundo.

We want to know your predictions; will Team Rubio steal the spotlight? What will Team Royce do to step it up? Do you think Team Tapia will be the pleasant surprise?

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