The buzz around Prince William and Kate Middleton’s “baby no. 4” arouses mammoth intrigue. While tabloids can never really tire of the topic, the truth is that these rumors are purely baseless. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are NOT expecting their fourth child, neither are they contemplating it.

“New Idea” ran a story earlier this week, suggesting how the royal couple can’t wait to expand their family. The report mentions that the lockdown has pushed William to think about welcoming their fourth child -- much to the delight of Middleton. While the HL of the dubious tabloid piece reads, “Wills Confirms: Baby No. 4 On the Way!” a further probe by Gossip Cop unravels a lot of truths. Firstly, the HL holds no real relevance to the story -- the report is peppered with quotes from “palace insiders” as opposed to the duke or duchess or their spokespersons for that matter.

While it’s likely for the publication to have gotten an idea to conjure up the entire narrative based on the recent posts shared on the official Kensington Royal Instagram account, there’s no clear-cut indication of any of the claims. In fact, if recent reports are anything to go by, it is clear that the Duchess is not desperate for another child. Middleton has time and again stated that William doesn’t want any more kids. So, it is indeed strange for a publication to stick by a stance that clearly contradicts the views of none other but the Duchess herself.  

What’s more, “New Idea” has a long-standing history of churning out bogus reports pertaining to the British Royal Family. The tabloid conjured up another tale, hinting at a potential feud in the offing between Middleton and her mother-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles for the throne. Nothing could be further from the truth than this piece of news, the position of the Queen isn’t really snatched -- but works through a parliamentary law. Which means, neither Queen Elizabeth II nor Middleton can tweak the process as per their fancy.

It’s about time that tabloids give these topics a break because it’s ridiculous to find so much being written about the royal family with no real source attesting to it.

Prince William and Kate Middleton on their recent trip to Ireland Prince WIlliam and Kate Middleton recently shared a glamor shot of themselves, during their visit to Ireland. Instagram