The Football Association final on Saturday at Wembley Stadium found itself mired in a bit of controversy as fans in the stadium openly booed Prince William and the national anthem, with many politicians demanding apologies whilst others see it as a form of protest.

Prince William, who is the President of the Football Association, was jeered by sections of the crowd during the Liverpool vs. Chelsea game as he met the players on the soccer field. The fans also reportedly booed during the playing of “God Save The Queen,” the U.K.’s National Anthem, according to the Independent

British politicians have largely condemned the booing as disrespectful, with some fans of the monarchy demanding that the Liverpool Football Club apologize for the perceived disrespect that the fans gave to William. 

“We have the most wonderful Monarch and those fans who booed do not represent their clubs or our country,” Sir Ed Davey of the Liberal Democrats said. 

“The FA Cup final should be an occasion when we come together as a country. It should not be ruined by a minority of fans’ totally shameful behaviour. In this year of all years – the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – this is dreadful,” Commons speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle said. 

In spite of this, many have pointed out that Liverpool fans have booed both the royals and the national anthem in the past as a sign of protest, and that fans may have booed Prince William due to being representative of inherited wealth during the country’s cost-of-living crisis, Marie Claire reported. 

“The outrage at Prince William being booed at the FA Cup Final is greater to some than when players are subjected to racist chants,” radio presenter Lorraine King said. “I'm seeing people lose their minds over this who have been absolutely silent in the past when it comes to racist abuse.”

“Booing Prince William is deemed 'abuse,” one person tweeted. “But Meghan Markle should have endured years of relentless racist and bigoted harassment with a smile on her face. Did I get that right, UK Media?”

Prince William has yet to comment on the situation at the moment. Meanwhile, Liverpool was able to beat Chelsea during the Football Association finals with a score of 6-5.

GettyImages-1397267306 Prince William found himself being booed by Liverpool fans during the FA Cup Finals, as many come in defense of the fans for their reaction against the future monarch. Robin Jones/Getty Images.