Royal family fans already know who’s the next monarch is after Queen Elizabeth — that’s what the line of succession is for. There’s Prince Charles, who is first in line and after him is his first-born Prince William, who is followed by Prince George.

While the order is pretty clear cut, it has not stopped fans from voicing their preference on which royal they want sitting on the throne after Her Majesty. A recent survey revealed that a lot of people don’t actually want Prince Charles to ascend the throne.

In a poll conducted by Daily Star Online, more than 6000 respondents were asked which royal they would prefer to become the next king. The site offered four options to choose from: (1) Prince Charles, (2) Prince William, (3) Prince George and (4) none, scrap the monarchy.

Surprisingly, the result suggests that Britons actually want Prince William to be the next king after his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Around 59 percent of those who voted, or 3,796 of voters, opted to choose option number 2, the Duke of Cambridge.

Prince Charles has his share of followers, but they’re not that many compared to Prince William’s fans, at least, based on the survey results. Only 26 percent, or 1,673 respondents, choose the Prince of Wales to be the next king.

At the moment, Prince William’s five-year-old son, Prince George, is not a favorite bet as the next monarch. Only 102 people say they wanted the young prince to become the next ruler, which is understandable since he is still too young. Anyway, he will still be a future king as he is third in line to the British throne right after his dad.

Based on the poll result, the monarchy is still popular among Britons. Only 1,000 respondents or around 14 percent chose the fourth option, which is the abolition of the monarchy.

In terms of popularity, Prince Charles continues to lag behind compared to other royals. Royal Central editor Charlie Proctor believes it’s because people still have not forgotten how he cheated on Princess Diana, which eventually led to their divorce.

Royal Family (L-R) Prince Charles, Prince of Wales; Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; Princess Charlotte; Prince George; Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; Prince Harry; Queen Elizabeth II; and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, stand on the balcony during the Trooping the Colour. Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images