Princes William and Harry
Harry & Meghan’s Netflix Docuseries: Biggest Bombshells Episodes 1-3 Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix docuseries is out now, but Prince William reportedly said that he will "never" watch it.

The Prince of Wales also reportedly told his friends to not "fuel the conflict" by retaliating to any accusations made on the show, according to Daily Mail. He is said to be more focused on "looking to the future" and "getting on with the job," instead of engaging in a "tit-for-tat" battle with his brother and sister-in-law. A source said that William said that he will "never watch it and I know he definitely won't."

According to another source, King Charles and his wife Camilla will not watch the six-part series either, but the Royal Family members are reportedly following the headlines. Harry had hoped that his brother and his father would watch the docuseries to get a better idea of what he and his wife have had to experience as royals.

It is also said that despite the friction, William and his wife Kate Middleton, and Harry and Meghan will still be sending Christmas presents to each other's children. There will be no gift exchange between the adults though.

Meanwhile, royal aides have accused the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of spouting more falsehoods in their Netflix docuseries, reported Daily Mail. They dismissed Meghan's claims that she was not prepared for life in the British monarchy as a "total lie". Meghan declared in the bombshell series that she was given no advice or instructions on how to settle into royal life, curtsy or dress. During the first three episodes of the series, she said that she had been left with little guidance. It was unlike in the film "The Princess Diaries" when the heir to throne was given "Princess lessons."

But sources said that six months before the two married, Meghan was given a 30-point dossier by Harry's then private secretary Ed Lane Fox. It was filled with information and contacts to help her adapt to royal life.

She also claimed that Kensington Palace aides advised her not to invite her niece to her wedding, but sources said that is a "complete and utter lie."

Prince Harry and Meghan leave Westminster Hall, London after the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II was brought to the hall
It appears that Prince Harry's memoir, "Spare" could see him use his royal relatives as "collateral damage" in his search for closure. Photo Danny Lawson - WPA Pool/Getty Images

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